cardiology heartDr Will Roberts

Experience and Training

I have been very lucky to have had excellent training amd opportunities to further my skills and capabilities over the last seventeeen years to be able to provide the best treatment for my patients.

Graduating from Leicester University gave me a good solid foundation in medicine. Leicester is a university that emphasises the importance of holistic treatment of people, not patients. Here I learnt a great deal about communication skills which has helped me every day to get the right information from my patients, to give them the information they want and need in a way targetted to them as individuals. This is such an important part of medical care and something I strive daily to improve.

In the years following graduation I gained a valuable experience of dealing with critically ill patients with a complex range of problems before specialising in cardiology. The majority of my cardiology training was undertaken at hospitals in the West Midlands in Birmingham, Coventry and Stoke-on-Trent.

Having completed my general cardiology and subspecialty intervnetional cardiology training and receiving my CCT from the GMC. I was lucky to be selected for a much sought-after fellowship to further improve my skills. Working in an excellent high volume radial centre undertaking complex invasive procedures really helped to give me the skills to provide my patients with the best care. Here I undertook all aspects of coronary intervention on a regular basis; rotablation, IVUS, OCT, bifurcation, unprotected LMS, laser and CTO procedures. I also had involvement with TAVI implantations and hybrid CTO procedures, though I am not yet a sole operator for these techniques.

Seeking a referral

I currently run NHS cardiology clinics in Evesham, Kidderminster and Worcester. Simply ask your GP for a referral. These clinics are for all general cardiology problems and allow me to link in with other cardiology specialists in Worcester. We perform ECG and 24 Hour tape monitoring at all, echocardiography is not yet available in Evesham although I do hope to introduce this in the future.