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I am happy to announce the start of a cardiology specialist service in Evesham, where myself and my team will assess, treat and advise patients with a range of cardiology problems. If your GP would like the help of a cardiac specialist, they can refer you to this clinic if it is more convenient for you.

At the clinic we can undertake a range of assessments including ECG and 24 hour ECG recordings on site. I also work in Worcester with a team of cardiology specialists including electrophysiologists, imaging and device specialists and can easily access a huge range of additional services such as echocardiography, Cardiac CT and MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Transoesophageal Echo and loop recorder implantation, pacemakers and pacing clinics, cardiac resynchronisation therapy, coronary angiography and angioplasty (stenting).

Cardiac Rehab Services in the area are provided by Evesham Vale Cardia Rehab

Please feel free to browse or ask any questions.

Dr Will Roberts

Seeking a referral

I currently run NHS cardiology clinics in Evesham, Kidderminster and Worcester. Simply ask your GP for a referral. These clinics are for all general cardiology problems and allow me to link in with other cardiology specialists in Worcester. We perform ECG and 24 Hour tape monitoring at all, echocardiography is not yet available in Evesham although I do hope to introduce this in the future.