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I practice primarily as an Interventional Cardiologist, undertaking minimally invasive cardiac procedures to help people who suffer from symtoms such as angina or breathlessness and in the emergency setting in patients who have heart attacks or acute coronary syndromes. You can find more about the details of these procedures, including coronary stent placement, in the dedicated interventional cardiology procedures section of this site.

Whenever possible I undertake cardiology procedures via the radial artery in the wrist to provide a safer and more convenient procedure and use the radial artery in nearly 90% of diagnostic and interventional procedures I perform.

In addition to this procedural work I am experienced in managing patients with all cardiac symptoms and diseases in the emergency and outpatient setting.

I am primarily a clinician working with patients but research and development have underpinned the evolution of cardiology and I work to support this through my own work and by helping to involve patients when appropriate in larger clinical studies. My areas of interest are radial access and CT coronary angiography.

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Dr Will Roberts

Seeking a referral

I currently run NHS cardiology clinics in Evesham, Kidderminster and Worcester. Simply ask your GP for a referral. These clinics are for all general cardiology problems and allow me to link in with other cardiology specialists in Worcester. We perform ECG and 24 Hour tape monitoring at all, echocardiography is not yet available in Evesham although I do hope to introduce this in the future. I do not currently undertake private work.